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The Variations of the HCG Diet

Every body is different. While all the weight loss plans out there claim to provide rapid, lasting weight loss to people who follow them, the reality is that it isn’t always true. What works wonders for one person might be completely ineffectual for another, and this can often be discouraging to those who are hoping to emulate the significant results of others, only to find that theirs are mediocre at best. The truth is that not all diets are going to work for everyone, and if you find yourself on a diet plan that isn’t giving you the results that you’re hoping for, you might want to try something new. In an effort to meet the requirements of as many different types of people, and people’s needs, as possible, the HCG diet offers several alternate variations.

For people who are looking to lose a small amount of weight, there is the 15 day HCG diet. This is the shortest HCG diet protocol out there and is designed to help kick-start a larger weight loss plan or for people who need to drop 10-20lbs quickly. It includes every aspect of the original HCG diet protocol with the exception that it only lasts for half the time.

The most prominent HCG diet protocol out there is Dr. Simeons’ HCG diet. This one lasts for 30-40 days and can elicit weight loss results ranging from 25-40lbs. If you find that you don’t have too much trouble sticking to the 500 calorie a day limit, then this version of the HCG diet will work great for you.

There are also 45 and 90 day duration HCG diets out there. These are for people who need to lose very large amounts of weight very quickly. They are often difficult to follow, due to the lengthened duration and should not be done so unless you’re under the strict care of a physician. A doctor should be consulted before beginning any of the HCG diet protocols, but these longer duration versions are particularly important. Because the daily caloric intake is so low, continuing it for a longer time frame poses some risks that the shorter versions do not. There is a possibility that you will experience HCG diet dangers such as malnutrition and vitamin deficiencies.

Aside from differences in duration, there are other types of HCG diets out there geared to meet alternative needs of some people. There’s an 800 calorie a day version of the diet that can be beneficial to people who have trouble eating only 500 calories a day. Also, those who live relatively active lifestyles might want to give this version of the diet a try because their activities require more calories to be eaten throughout the day. The 800 calorie version can offer similar results to the 500 calorie one, however this depends greatly upon how many calories are burned in a day by each individual.


Lastly, for people who don’t eat meat, a vegetarian HCG diet has been designed. It varies only slightly from the original HCG diet protocol in that it omits all meats and relies on getting protein from other sources. While vitamin and mineral supplements are advisable for any of the HCG diet protocols, they are especially important for those who follow the vegetarian HCG diet. There are some nutrients that are naturally prevalent in meats, and vegetarians will need to be sure to get them from other sources.

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Where to get HCG Diet Side-effects Information

Any time you take weight loss supplements, you will want to get a good idea of their potential side-effects so that you know what to look for and how to deal with them should they occur. The HCG diet is not without its own list of potential side-effects, and like with anything else, you should inform yourself on their type and frequency before beginning the diet.

The first place you should go for HCG diet information is your doctor. Odds are he or she will be well aware of the potential side-effects associated with the HCG diet and can give you the best information in its regards. Your doctor can also perform a physical on you to make sure you’re fit to begin the HCG diet, as it’s always possible to have a health issue that you don’t know about. You shouldn’t be too worried about that, as health issues tend to make themselves known, but as they say it’s better to be safe than sorry. Once you’ve been cleared to undergo the HCG diet for weight loss, your doctor can either prescribe HCG injections to you directly, or give you advice about where to buy HCG diet drops online.

For first-hand information on the frequency and intensity of any potential HCG diet side-effects, you may want to ask the people who have completed the HCG diet themselves. HCG diet forums are probably the second best place to go for HCG diet information because they are packed full of people who are either on the diet currently, or have finished it successfully. These people can let you know what side-effects, if any, that they experienced and how they dealt with them. You can also get a lot of other useful HCG diet tips and information on any questions that you may have.

The most common side-effects reported by those who follow the HCG diet are not actually from the HCG hormone itself, but associated with the sudden change in diet. Mild headaches, for instance, can be attributed to low blood sugar, dehydration or just from not eating enough. Over the counter pain medication will usually suffice for dealing with any headaches, should they occur. Fatigue and light-headedness are also side-effects associated with a low calorie diet. Making sure to supplement the necessary vitamins and minerals you may be lacking due to the HCG diet will go a long way to helping you avoid these two potential side-effects. While not everyone experiences them, some side-effects do occur but most people report that they dissipate after the first week or so, once the body has had time to adjust.

In all reality, the side-effects of the HCG diet listed here are far milder than the potentially life-threatening side-effects of being overweight. High blood pressure, increased risk of type 2 diabetes and subsequent complications therewith are just a few of the negative effects that being overweight can cause. If you had to choose between being light-headed and achy for a week, or being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or heart disease, what would you choose? Odds are you’d take the headaches, and most people would agree with you. That’s why the HCG diet has been the choice among many thousands of people who want to experience rapid weight loss.

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Benefits of Reading Good HCG Diet Reviews

Thanks to the internet, information is easier than ever before to acquire on just about any subject. With the exception of top-secret government files, you can, more or less, sit down at any time and find in-depth information on any subject you can possibly think of. When you have any amount of information, though, there is always going to be some that is less than accurate. With these varying degrees of accuracy often comes misinformation that can confuse and mislead the reader. Diet information can be especially misleading since it is such a popular subject and everyone wants to sound like they have all the answers.

When it comes to the HCG diet, where you get your information may be more important than you think. HCG diet information is all over the place, and like everything else, it comes in varying degrees of depth and accuracy. If you want to get HCG diet info that you can be sure is good, then the first place to start is going to be the HCG diet books. Not just any book will suffice, however, as print media can often be as inaccurate and misleading as anything posted online. If you’d like to get a book on the HCG diet, then the one you should pick up first is Pounds & Inches by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons. He is the guy who originally discovered HCG’s effects on weight loss, and his book is going to be as accurate as they come. In it, you will find a comprehensive description of Dr. Simeons HCG diet protocol, what it includes, and the kind of results you can expect if you complete it.

If you decide to limit your search to online media only, then HCG diet reviews might be your best place to start. Good HCG diet reviews and bad HCG diet reviews exist, and being able to distinguish between the two is crucial to understanding just how the HCG diet works and whether or not you can benefit from its amazing weight loss effects. Good HCG diet reviews will be lengthy, and go into detail as to how the person first got started on the HCG diet and what happened for the duration. They should speak about the possible HCG side-effects and whether or not any were experienced. If there were any, the reviewer should tell you the severity of the side-effects and how they dealt with it.

There are a variety of different HCG diet protocols to follow, and several different methods of supplementing the HCG drops for weight loss. It would be best to check out reviews on each individual subject, as some may be better for your own situation than others. For instance, if you’re only looking to drop 10-20lbs, then reading reviews about the 90 day HCG diet might not be what you’re looking for. There’s a 15 day HCG diet designed to help people who have only a small amount of weight they want to lose, and finding out the pros and cons of this particular version of the HCG diet might be more beneficial to you.

There are many good HCG diet reviews online, and finding them shouldn’t be too difficult. Once you have an adequate amount of HCG diet information, you will be well on your way to experiencing rapid, lasting weight loss like never before.

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How Does the HCG Diet make you Lose Weight?

The HCG diet offers some pretty substantial results, if followed accurately and faithfully. Dieters often find that they lose anywhere from .5 – 2lbs a day while on the HCG diet, and anywhere from 30lbs – as much as 90 pounds over the course of the diet. With people reporting weight loss results like that, it’s no wonder that one of the most frequently asked questions online is: does the HCG diet work? If you’ve found yourself wondering the same thing, there are a number of places you can go to get HCG diet information and find out the answer for yourself.

The first thing you will need to know, though, is how the HCG diet works. HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone that is naturally found in pregnant women. During pregnancy, women produce the HCG hormone in order to assist in the development of the fetus as well as help ensure a successful pregnancy resulting in a healthy child. HCG has two primary functions, the first one being to develop the sexual organs of the fetus. Both male and female fetuses require HCG in order to develop sexually. Without this hormone, the human race itself would not exist as there would be no way to procreate. The second function HCG provides is in helping ensure that there are adequate nutrients and calories available for both the mother and child-to-be during pregnancy.

HCG does this by stimulating the hypothalamus to produce chemicals that release stores of fat into the bloodstream to be burned as energy. During this process, nutrients that are normally stored in fat are also released into the bloodstream, helping to provide sustenance to the mother and growing fetus. When pregnancy is not present, HCG still causes the release of fat stores into the bloodstream, and this is where it is important for those on the HCG diet.

In conjunction with a 500 calorie a day limit, HCG will elicit rapid weight loss in those who supplement it it in their daily diet. Eating 500 calories a day might seem like a difficult task, and for many it is, however one thing you can take to heart is that the 500 calorie portion (phase 2) only lasts a few weeks. After that, daily caloric content is increased back to normal levels. It’s important to note, though, that these “normal calorie levels” are not what you were eating prior to beginning the HCG diet. If you find yourself wanting or needing to lose weight, then it goes without saying that your daily caloric intake was too high, causing you to store excess calories as fat. In order to keep the weight off after completing the HCG diet plan, it’s imperative that you move forward eating a healthy, balanced diet.

Most negative reports of the HCG diet being ineffective usually stem from people making this mistake. Once they lose weight, they go right back to eating the same way they did before and put the weight right back on. Other times, it’s because people fail to follow the HCG diet protocol correctly. If you do not rigidly stick to the list of approved foods and 500 calorie a day limit, then the weight loss effects of the HCG diet will be greatly reduced, if not nullified altogether.



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What is an Affordable HCG Diet Meal Plan?

Not everyone is able to afford all the nutritious foods necessary to ensure success on their diet. Knowing that weight loss is such a popular issue, it’s no wonder that the foods associated with it are expensive. Companies want to make money, and in doing so they need to increase the prices of things that are in high demand. Not only that, but most diets require fresh fruits and vegetables to be consumed as opposed to boxed or canned, and fresh foods cost more due to the fact that they’re perishable.

The HCG diet is the same as many other diets in that it requires you to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, not the frozen or canned varieties. Luckily, it is quite possible to make an affordable HCG diet meal plan that allows those on a budget to enjoy the rapid weight loss effects that the HCG hormone has to offer.

The first thing you will want to do in order to make an affordable HCG diet meal plan is to schedule your HCG diet protocol for a time when fresh fruits and vegetables are cheaper. If you choose to purchase homeopathic HCG drops, this is made much, much easier. The homeopathic HCG diet drops possess a very long shelf-life, and as such can be purchased well before you begin your diet. This will allow you to save up a bit of money before you begin and purchase the foods you need later on. Take a look at the list of approved foods as described in Dr. Simeons book Pounds & Inches. Once you know what you need to eat, you can then research when those fruits and vegetables are in season and purchase them then. Not only will they be cheaper due to the large amounts of them on the market, purchasing fruits and veggies that are in season will make them taste better too!

Don’t be afraid to shop around when shopping for your HCG diet meal plan either. Farmers markets are a great place to get cheap produce directly from the people who grow them. Circumventing  large grocery store markups will help you save a lot of money in the long run, and that’s beneficial even when you aren’t on the HCG diet. Most cities will have several different grocery store chains, and checking out the mailers will help you find who has the cheapest meats. While buying only what is on sale may limit your choices in your meal plan, it’s not the end of the world.

Once you know what you have to work with, your next stop should be looking up HCG diet recipes. While eating chicken for a week straight may not sound all that exciting, you’d be surprised what kinds of delicious recipes you’ll discover if you look hard enough. There are HCG diet books that contain nothing but recipes, and you’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for there. Also, you can ask around on HCG diet forums for any particularly tasty recipes that the people there have come up with themselves. You can get valuable HCG diet tips while you’re there, so joining one of the many HCG diet forums is certainly to your benefit.

The HCG diet doesn’t last very long, and your caloric limit is so small that you’ll be surprised how little money you actually have to spend. You may even find that it’s cheaper than your regular diet!

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