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Any time you take weight loss supplements, you will want to get a good idea of their potential side-effects so that you know what to look for and how to deal with them should they occur. The HCG diet is not without its own list of potential side-effects, and like with anything else, you should inform yourself on their type and frequency before beginning the diet.

The first place you should go for HCG diet information is your doctor. Odds are he or she will be well aware of the potential side-effects associated with the HCG diet and can give you the best information in its regards. Your doctor can also perform a physical on you to make sure you’re fit to begin the HCG diet, as it’s always possible to have a health issue that you don’t know about. You shouldn’t be too worried about that, as health issues tend to make themselves known, but as they say it’s better to be safe than sorry. Once you’ve been cleared to undergo the HCG diet for weight loss, your doctor can either prescribe HCG injections to you directly, or give you advice about where to buy HCG diet drops online.

For first-hand information on the frequency and intensity of any potential HCG diet side-effects, you may want to ask the people who have completed the HCG diet themselves. HCG diet forums are probably the second best place to go for HCG diet information because they are packed full of people who are either on the diet currently, or have finished it successfully. These people can let you know what side-effects, if any, that they experienced and how they dealt with them. You can also get a lot of other useful HCG diet tips and information on any questions that you may have.

The most common side-effects reported by those who follow the HCG diet are not actually from the HCG hormone itself, but associated with the sudden change in diet. Mild headaches, for instance, can be attributed to low blood sugar, dehydration or just from not eating enough. Over the counter pain medication will usually suffice for dealing with any headaches, should they occur. Fatigue and light-headedness are also side-effects associated with a low calorie diet. Making sure to supplement the necessary vitamins and minerals you may be lacking due to the HCG diet will go a long way to helping you avoid these two potential side-effects. While not everyone experiences them, some side-effects do occur but most people report that they dissipate after the first week or so, once the body has had time to adjust.

In all reality, the side-effects of the HCG diet listed here are far milder than the potentially life-threatening side-effects of being overweight. High blood pressure, increased risk of type 2 diabetes and subsequent complications therewith are just a few of the negative effects that being overweight can cause. If you had to choose between being light-headed and achy for a week, or being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or heart disease, what would you choose? Odds are you’d take the headaches, and most people would agree with you. That’s why the HCG diet has been the choice among many thousands of people who want to experience rapid weight loss.

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