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Every body is different. While all the weight loss plans out there claim to provide rapid, lasting weight loss to people who follow them, the reality is that it isn’t always true. What works wonders for one person might be completely ineffectual for another, and this can often be discouraging to those who are hoping to emulate the significant results of others, only to find that theirs are mediocre at best. The truth is that not all diets are going to work for everyone, and if you find yourself on a diet plan that isn’t giving you the results that you’re hoping for, you might want to try something new. In an effort to meet the requirements of as many different types of people, and people’s needs, as possible, the HCG diet offers several alternate variations.

For people who are looking to lose a small amount of weight, there is the 15 day HCG diet. This is the shortest HCG diet protocol out there and is designed to help kick-start a larger weight loss plan or for people who need to drop 10-20lbs quickly. It includes every aspect of the original HCG diet protocol with the exception that it only lasts for half the time.

The most prominent HCG diet protocol out there is Dr. Simeons’ HCG diet. This one lasts for 30-40 days and can elicit weight loss results ranging from 25-40lbs. If you find that you don’t have too much trouble sticking to the 500 calorie a day limit, then this version of the HCG diet will work great for you.

There are also 45 and 90 day duration HCG diets out there. These are for people who need to lose very large amounts of weight very quickly. They are often difficult to follow, due to the lengthened duration and should not be done so unless you’re under the strict care of a physician. A doctor should be consulted before beginning any of the HCG diet protocols, but these longer duration versions are particularly important. Because the daily caloric intake is so low, continuing it for a longer time frame poses some risks that the shorter versions do not. There is a possibility that you will experience HCG diet dangers such as malnutrition and vitamin deficiencies.

Aside from differences in duration, there are other types of HCG diets out there geared to meet alternative needs of some people. There’s an 800 calorie a day version of the diet that can be beneficial to people who have trouble eating only 500 calories a day. Also, those who live relatively active lifestyles might want to give this version of the diet a try because their activities require more calories to be eaten throughout the day. The 800 calorie version can offer similar results to the 500 calorie one, however this depends greatly upon how many calories are burned in a day by each individual.

Lastly, for people who don’t eat meat, a vegetarian HCG diet has been designed. It varies only slightly from the original HCG diet protocol in that it omits all meats and relies on getting protein from other sources. While vitamin and mineral supplements are advisable for any of the HCG diet protocols, they are especially important for those who follow the vegetarian HCG diet. There are some nutrients that are naturally prevalent in meats, and vegetarians will need to be sure to get them from other sources.

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